MPC5 software example list

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Example MPC5554EVB PinToggleStationery CW21

Example MPC5554 eQADC+INTC Single Scan CW210



Example MPC5566EVB PinToggleStationery CW210

Example MPC5566 Hardware vector mode



Example MPC5602D FMPLL GHS614



Example MPC5604B PinToggleStationery CW210

Example MPC5604B LINFlex LIN Master-Slave communication demo

Example MPC5604B Shadow Flash Reprogramming

Example MPC5604B Flash Array Integrity Check - using SSD flash drivers

Example MPC5604B Censorship CW210

Example MPC5604B ADC-Pot-ADCWatchDog-INTC-printf CW210 

Example MPC5604B SWT Windowed mode CW110 



Example MPC5604E PinToggleStationery CW210



Example MPC5606S-DEMO LM75B+TFT CW210

Example MPC5606S-DEMO HIH-5030+TFT CW210

Example MPC5606S-DEMO PCA8565+TFT CW210

Demo application MPC5606S-DEMO + LM75B + HIH-5030 + PCA8565 + GUI

Example MPC5606S-STOP_mode_implementation 



Example MPC5604P PinToggleStationery CW210

Example MPC5604P ADC setting for scan mode on TRK board

Example MPC5604P FlexPWM Initialization on TRK board

Example TRK-MPC5604P Initialization of SBC chip MC33905 and FlexCAN



Example MPC5607B PinToggleStationery CW210

Example MPC5606B SIUL External interrupt

Example MPC5607B CAN sampler and STOP mode

Example MPC5607B-DMA+LinFlex CW210



Example MPC5646C PinToggleStationery CW210

Example MPC5646C Standby Wakeup To SRAM

Example MPC5646C PIT ISR GHS614

Example MPC5646C eMIOS frequency measurement CW210 



Example XPC563MKIT PinToggleStationery CW210

Example TRK-MPC5634M Initialization of SBC chip MC33905 and FlexCAN

Example MPC5634M_2b_RAM_ECC_error_injection CW210



Example XPC5642AKIT PinToggleStationery CW10.6



Example XPC564AKIT PinToggleStationery CW210

Example XPC564AKIT324S External SRAM test CW210

Example MPC5644A eQADC channel 146 conversion+calibration CW210

Example MPC5644A TSENS Temperature calculation

Example MPC5644A EMIOS shifted PWM

Example MPC5644A Censorship CW210 



Example XPC5643LKIT PinToggleStationery LSM CW210

Example XPC5643LKIT PinToggleStationery DPM CW210

Example MPC5643L Flash_program_simple CW210

Example MPC5643L TSENS Temperature_calculation CW210

Example MPC5643L-LVD_HVD_self_test+FCCU_F CW210

Example MPC5643L 1b_RAM_ECC_error_injection CW210

Example MPC5643L 2b RAM and 2b FLASH ECC error injection CW210

Example MPC5643L eTimer DMA GHS614



Example MPC5668G PinToggleStationery CW210



Example XPC567XFKIT PinToggleStationery CW210

Example MPC5674F eQADC+eDMA Single_Scan CW210

Example MPC5674F eQADC+eDMA-Single+Differential+GAIN CW210 

Example MPC5674F eQADC+eDMA Continuous_Scan CW210

Example MPC5674F eQADC-Streaming Mode CW210

Example MPC5674F eQADC_PMC_chnl_conv+calib CW210 

Example MPC5674F_1b+2b_RAM_ECC_error_injection CW210

Example MPC5674F MPU Initialization

Example MPC5674F TSENS-Temperature_calc CW210  



Example MPC5675K PinToggleStationery LSM CW210

Example MPC5675K PinToggleStationery DPM CW210

Example MPC5675K Data_flash_program_simple CW210

Example MPC5675K-2b_RAM+2b_FLASH_ECC_error_injection CW210

Example MPC5675K TSENS Temperature calculation CW210 



Example XPC567XRKIT PinToggleStationery CW210

Example MPC5676R DSPI MasterSlave DMA CW210 

Example MPC5676R DSPI-ext_SPI_memory-S25FL129P CW210 

Example MPC5676R-eQADC_PMC_chnl_conv+calib CW210 

Example MPC5676R-eQADC_DECFILTER_integrator_eTPU CW210 

Example MPC5676R DSPI-ext_SPI_memory-S25FL129P CW210

Example MPC5676R HardwareVectorMode Multicore S32DS

Example MPC5676R BIST core1 GHS716 

Example MPC5676R BIST Core0&1 GHS716 (multicore) 



Example MPC5744P PinToggleStationery S32DS

Example MPC5744P LINFlex UART with DMA S32DS

Example MPC5744P ETimerCountMode S32DS

Example MPC5744P FlexCAN simpleTXRX

Example MPC5744P eTimer frequency measurement

Example MPC5744P FlexPWM CTU ADC synchronization

Example MPC5744P FlexPWM SGEN synchronization

Example MPC5744P TSENS temperature calculation

Example MPC5744P LINFlex UART echo SW polling

Example MPC5744P FlexPWM init with DMA reload

Example MPC5744P FlexPWM CTU SGEN triggering

Example MPC5744P DMA multiple minor transfers

Example MPC5744P DMA GHS614 

Example MPC5744P XBIC0 Error injection on XBAR_0 (Core access to SRAM)

Example MPC5744P XBIC_1 fault injection on DMA transfer

Example MPC5744P eTimer CTU ADC synchronization

Example MPC5744P PIT triggering interrupts

Example MPC5744P FCCU fault injection GHS614 

Example MPC5744P ADC

Example MPC5744P CTU triggered by eTimer0

Example MPC5744P LIN Master Slave test GHS614

Example MPC5744P 1b+2b_FLASH_ECC_error_by_UTEST_area_read GHS614 

Example MPC5744P 1b+2b_RAM_ECC_error_injection GHS714 

Example MPC5744P 1b+2b_PERRAM_ECC_error_injection GHS614 

Example MPC5744P EDC_after_ECC_error_by_UTEST_area_read GHS714 

Example MPC5744P_2b_DMEM_ECC_error_injection GHS714 

Example MPC5744P CGM GHS614

Example MPC5744P eTimer DMA frequency measurement GHS614

Example MPC5744P FlashArrayIntegrityCheck test SSD GHS614

Example MPC5744P HardwareVectoreMode S32DS

Example MPC5744P SWT Short reset GHS614 

Example MPC5744P SWT Long reset GHS614 

Example MPC5744P FCCU alarm state GHS614 

Example MPC5744P FCCU clear faults GHS614 

Example MPC5744P ADC DMA GHS614 

Example MPC5744P FlexPWM shifted PWM GHS616 

Example MPC5744P PMC SW triggered self-test GHS614 

Example MPC5744P PMC Single VD self-test GHS614 

Example MPC5744P BIST On-line GHS614

Example MPC5744P EIM RAM ECC error injection GHS614

Example MPC5744P FlexCAN TX RXFIFO ISR GHS614 

Example MPC5744P CMPU Initialization GHS614 

Example MPC5744P FlexPWM_0&1 synchronization GHS716 

Example MPC5744P ADC Self Test GHS716 



Example MPC5777C-PinToggleStationery GHS614

Example MPC5777C-SIUL_External_IRQ GHS714 

Example MPC5777C-1b+2b_RAM_ECC_error_injection GHS614

Example MPC5777C TSENS Temperature calculation GHS614

Example MPC5777C eMIOS-eQADC Continuous external trigger mode GHS614

Example MPC5777C-SDADC_simple GHS614

Example MPC5777C-SDADC_eTPU_triggered GHS714 

Example MPC5777C-eQADC_Simple GHS714 

Example MPC5777C FlexCAN simpleTXRX SW poll GHS616

Example MPC5777C MCAN simpleTXRX GHS616 

Example MPC5777C MCAN-FD simpleTX RX-ISR GHS616 

Example MPC5777C FlexCAN simple TXRX ECC enabled GHS616 

Example MPC5777C External SRAM_test GHS714 

Example MPC5777C-eTPU_GPIO_test GHS714 

Example MPC5777C Progresive clock switching GHS716



Example MPC5777M PinToggleStationery S32DS

Example-MPC5777M-CGM (clock configuration)

Example MPC5777M-DPM-PLL-200MHz

Example MPC5777M PIT ISR GHS614

Example MPC5777M LINFlex UART Echo SW pooling GHS614

Example MPC5777M DSPI_SimpleTXRX S32DS

Example MPC5777M FCCU Fake fault injection GHS614 

Example MPC5777M MCAN simple TX/RX GHS614 

Example MPC5777M TSENS Temperature Calculation GHS616 

Example MPC5777M FCCU alarm state GHS614



Example MPC5775K PinToggleStationery S32DS

Example MPC5775K-DMA_Transfer S32DS

Example MPC5775K UART_with_DMA S32DS

Example MPC5775K-UART_with_Interrupts S32DS

Example MPC5775K FlexCAN_with_interrupts_v1.1 S32DS

Example MPC5775K Semaphores S32DS

Example MPC5775K eTimer_PWM S32DS

Example MPC5775K ADC_example S32DS

Example MPC5775K IIC Communication with RTC PCA8565TS/1 S32DS

MPC5775K DSPI_with_interrupts S32DS

Example MPC5775K CGM (clock configuration) GHS614 

Example MPC5775K PIT ISR GHS614 

Example MPC5775K Multicore GHS614 



Example MPC5748G PinToggleStationery GHS614

Example MPC5748G FlexCAN DMA ISR

Example MPC5748G SMPU initialization

Example MPC5748G SMPU initialization + Process ID test 

Example MPC5748G Flash RW SSD

Example MPC5748G Flash RW

Example MPC5748G PIT ISR

Example MPC5748G ADC driver

Example MPC5748G BCTU GHS614

Example MPC5748G PretendedNetworkingCAN S32DS

Example MPC5748G + PCF8885 Touch sensing demo GHS614

Example MPC5748G CRC32 GHS614

Example MPC5748G Standby mode GHS614

Example MPC5748G-FlexCAN_with_interrupts S32DS

Example MPC5748G Register Protection GHS614 

Example MPC5748G FlexCAN FD simple TX/RX GHS614 

Example MPC5748G DSPI extended mode GHS614 

Example MPC5748G FMPLL Frequency Modulation GHS614 

Example MPC5748G DPM Multicore GHS614 

Example MPC5748G LINFlex LIN Master Slave test GHS616 

Example MPC5748G Overlay SRAM Overlay Flash config S32DS 



Example MPC5746C PIT ISR GHS614 



Example MPC5746R CGM (clock configuration) GHS614

Example MPC5746R DPM (multicore) GHS614

Example MPC5746R Off-line BIST Lauterbach script 

Example MPC5746R Online BIST GHS614 

Example MPC5746R FlexCAN_with_interrupts S32DS 

Example MPC5746R PIT ISR GHS614

Example MPC5746R FCCU Alarm State GHS716

Example MPC5746R ADC Self-test GHS716



Example S32R274 FlexCAN_with_Interrupts S32DS 

Example S32R274 Watchdog_example S32DS