Example S32R274 multi-core shared memory - S32DS Power v1.2

File uploaded by Jiri Kral Employee on Sep 20, 2017
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Example show one of the methods how to create and use shared memory with symbols between cores. In source code shared_mem.c are variables which can be seen by each core. This file is built once (during s32r274_shmemZ7_0 project compilation) and is linked to other core's elf file by linker into shared_mem section (see linker file for each core) starting on the very same address for each core.


Hardware semaphores are used for access shared memory. Lock/Unlock functions are implemented in the shared_func.c (build once during s32r274_shmemZ7_0 project compilation too) file and the object is linked into .text section. Each core has it's own instance of shared functions. There is counter in the shared memory for each core increased each time when shared memory can be accessed by particular core.