Example MPC5604B Shadow Flash Reprogramming CW210

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* Detailed Description:

* This example shows how to reprogram the shadow flash.


* It is highly recommended to read application note "Preventing Device Lockout

* via Censorship on MPC55xx and MPC563x Families"

* http://www.freescale.com/files/32bit/doc/app_note/AN3787.pdf


* This examples erases the shadow flash, then it restores censorship information

* and then NVUSRO nonvolatile register is reprogrammed to disable the watchdog.

* The watchdog is disabled by clearing of bit WATCHDOG_EN in NVUSRO. It ensures

* that watchdog is disabled automatically during startup of MCU.

* Watchdog can be also disabled by software (shown in the code).


* It is important to execute the code from RAM memory because Read-While-Write

* is not supported here.


* ------------------------------------------------------------------------------

* Test HW:  XPC56xxMB2 + XPC560B 144LQFP, SPC5604B, silicon mask set 2M27V

* Target :  internal_FLASH, RAM



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