Example MPC5748G FlexCAN RXFIFO DMA SDK303 S32DS21

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Example MPC5748G FlexCAN RXFIFO DMA SDK303 S32DS21

Example MPC5748G FlexCAN RXFIFO DMA SDK303 S32DS21

Detailed Description:

Configures the FlexCAN 0 to transmit and receive a CAN message
Baudrate to is set to 500kbps.

In this config, RXFIFO is used to receive a messages. 8 filter elements
are defined in the RXFIFO table. Both standard and extended IDs are used.
DMA is enabled in component inspector to read RXFIFO.

MB9 is moreover used to receive a message with given standard ID and
MB8 is used to transmit a message upon buttons press.

The callback function is installed as well and is it called each time message is
received in MB9, RXFIFO or message is transmitted.

* ------------------------------------------------------------------------------
* Test HW: DEVKIT-MPC5748G
* MCU: PPC5748GSMKU6 0N78S
* Target: Debug_FLASH
* EVB connection: PCAN-View with PCAN-USB Pro connected to CAN port P5
* Compiler: S32DS.Power.2.1
* SDK release: S32_SDK_S32PA_RTM_3.0.3
* Debugger: OpenSDA, Lauterbach Trace32
Revision History:
Ver Date Author Description of Changes
1.0 02-May-2023 Petr Stancik Initial version, based on SDK demo example
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‎05-02-2023 04:36 AM
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