Example TRK-MPC5634M Initialization of SBC chip MC33905 and FlexCAN CW29

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* Detailed Description:


* ------------------------------------------------------------------------------

* Test HW:  TRK-MPC5634M rev.B, SPC5634M

* Maskset:  1M35Y

* Target :  RAM

* Terminal: no

* Fsys:     64 MHz PLL with 8 MHz crystal reference




you have to use an external power supply to the board

(SBC power)



The SBC chip must be initialized (via SPI interface) to turn on the CAN




For ease of use, install the VSUP shunt on (jumper J5).

This it to put 9 V on the SBC's DBG pin - refer to the SBC Data Sheet

for more details about the DBG pin of the SBC chip.



This code initializes the MCU, then sends commands to the SBC chip

over the SPI bus to turn on the CAN transceiver, then the FlexCAN_A

module transmits a message out of the board.


I/O configuration for the TRK-MPC5634M CAN example:


SBC_TXD  (MPC5634M CANATX PCR[83] ALT1 function)

SBC_RXD  (MPC5634M CANARX PCR[84] input function)


SPI bus between the MCU and SBC:


SBC_!CS    (MPC5634M DSPI_B CS0  ALT1 function PCR[105])

SBC_CLK    (MPC5634M DSPI_B SCK  ALT1 function PCR[102])

SBC_MOSI   (MPC5634M DSPI_B SOUT ALT1 function PCR[104])

SBC_MISO   (MPC5634M DSPI_B SIN  input function PCR[103])