Example MPC5777M MCAN simple TX/RX GHS614

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* Detailed Description:
* Configures the MCANs to transmit and receive a CAN message.
* In this config, MCAN_1 transmits a message. MCAN_2 receives the message.
* MCAN_1 sends message each 1sec. This interval is generated by PIT.
* Single TX buffer is used to send n bytes. The message ID is changed for each
* transmission. Two standard and 2 extended IDs are sent.
* MCAN_2 is configured to receive a message, SW polling is used.
* There are 2 standard and 2 extended ID filter tables defined. Classic filter
* configuration is set, means filter ID & mask.
* Messages with matched standard ID are received into RXFIFO_0, messages with matched
* extended ID then stored in RXFIFO_1.
* EVB connection:
* J37 and J38 to position 1-2 to connect MCAN1 TX/RX to transceiver
* CAN0-CANH on P15-1 to CAN1-CANH on P14-1
* CAN0-CANL on P15-2 to CAN1-CANL on P14-2
* ------------------------------------------------------------------------------
* Test HW:  MPC5777M, MPC57xx Motherboard + MPC5777M_512DS minimodule
* Maskset:  0N78H
* Target :  internal_FLASH
* Fsys:     600 MHz PLL1 with 40 MHz crystal reference,
*        core2 at 200MHz generated from PPL1
* Terminal: None
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