Example MPC5777M TSENS Temperature Calculation GHS616

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Detailed Description:

 Example shows MCU's temperature measurement with the help of TSENS.
 Calibration constants for TSENS0 are read from Test Flash and
 SARADC_B is set to measure Vbg and TSENS outputs.
 Calculated internal temperature can be displayed on the Terminal.

 EVB connection:

   J14 - SCI_RX ON
   J13 - SCI_TX ON
   J25 - SCI_PWR ON
 See results on PC terminal (19200, 8N1, None). You should see following text
 (with different values for sure)

 TSENS - temperature measurement
 press any key to continue...


 TSENS's calibration constants read from Test Flash


 TSCA = 184
 TSCB = 21
 T = (232 + TSCA * 2^-6) * TSENS_code / VBG_code - (273 + TSCB * 2^-4) [degC]




 VBG_code   =  251
 TSENS_code =  339


 TSENS temp = 42.91 degC


 Test HW:  MPC5777M
 Maskset:  0N50N
 Target :  RAM, internal_FLASH
 Fsys:     600 MHz PLL1 with 40 MHz crystal reference
 Terminal: 19200baud, 8N1

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