Example S32R274 SWT_2 reset trigger GHS716

File uploaded by Peter Vlna Employee on Apr 10, 2019
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* Detailed Description:
* Test HW:  MPC57xx + S32R274RRUEVB
* Maskset:  1N58R
* Target :  internal_FLASH
* Fsys:     240 MHz PLL with 40 MHz crystal reference for z7 and 120MHz for z4
Revision History:
1.0     Apr-02-2019     b21190(Vlna Peter)  Initial Version
1.1    Apr-03-2019     b21190(Vlna Peter)  Added SWT reset reaction


This example demonstrated the reset trigger on first SWT_2 timeout.

Following screens shows the reset source after code execution in standalone mode and debugger connection afterwards: