Example MPC5746R PinToggleStationery - S32DS Power 2017.R1

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This example performs basic initialization, sets PLL to maximum allowed frequency 200MHz, sets clock for peripherals, GPIO pins, PIT timer and interrupt controller. After initialization it blinks LED2 in the main loop using timeout counter variable. PIT timer generates periodical interrupts and toggles LED1 with 1s period.


Test HW: MPC5746R-252BGA, MPC57xxMB Motherboard
MCU:  PPC5746R 1N83M
Fsys: PLL0 266MHz
      Z4 Core 200MHz
Debugger: PeMicro USB-ML-PPCNEXUS
IDE/Compiler: S32DS for Power 2017.R1 / GCC
Target: internal_FLASH - debug, release
             internal_SRAM - debug_ram
EVB connection:
  Default EVB jumper setup
  Connect LED1 to P14.3 on motherboard
  Connect LED2 to P14.4 on motherboard