Example MPC5676R-eQADC_DECFILTER_integrator_eTPU CW210

File uploaded by David Tosenovjan Employee on Oct 29, 2018
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* Detailed Description:
* Initializes eQADC module, performs calibration and cyclically converts PMC
* internal channel as specified by macros CHOOSEN_PMC_ADC_CHNL,
* CHOOSEN_PMC_ADC_SCALE and CHOOSEN_PMC_ADC_COMMAND to check particular voltage
* level, displaying it into terminal window.
* Example configures decimation filter to scale signal down by 1/16, this is
* achieved by FIR filter (user could choose real filter by proper coeficient
* selection).
* Example also sums filtered samples by integrator that is configured to be
* triggered and zeroed by eTPU signal (for simplicity it uses general purpose
* outputs). Integrated values are displayed in terminal window as well.
* No external connection required excluding terminal via eSCI.
* ------------------------------------------------------------------------------
* Test HW:         XPC567XKIT516 - MPC567xADAT516 Rev.D, MPC567XEVBFXMB Rev.C
* MCU:             PPC5676RDMVY1 3N23A
* Terminal:        19200-8-no parity-1 stop bit-no flow control on eSCI_A
* Fsys:            180MHz
* Debugger:        Lauterbach Trace32
*                  PeMicro USB-ML-PPCNEXUS
* Target:          RAM, internal_FLASH
* EVB connection:  default