Processor Expert RAppID Suite for MPC5777M and S32 Design Studio Integration Multicore Example

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This application demonstrate integration Processor Expert (PE) RAppID Suite for  MPC5777M initialization tool with S32 Design Studio for Power v1.1.

There is a separate RAppID project and RAppID Workspace folder included in this project:




This multicore project first initializes the device (PinMux, Clocks, PIT timer). Each core toggles with one LED with different time period.

Z4_0 core: LED1...GPDO[0]

Z7_0 core: LED2...GPDO[1]

Z7_1 core: LED3...GPDO[2]



Yo can adjust the device initialization in PE RappID (open included workspace), generate the code and finally rebuild the project in S32DS.



  • Do not let generate PE_Types.h file since it includes some non-vle instructions mixed with VLE ones - this cannot be built by S32DS compiler.
  • linker command file generation needs to be disabled otherwise it generates HighTec specific keywords that S32DS GCC linker does not understand. 


Test HW:       MPC5777M-512DS, MPC57xx Motherboard

MCU:             PPC5777MQMVA8 0N78H

Debugger:    PeMicro USB-ML-PPCNEXUS

Target:           Debug (internal flash)

EVB connection:  USER LED1 connected to P8.0, LED2 connected to P8.1 LED3 connected to P8.2