Example MPC5748G SIUL External Interrupt SDK PA BETA290 S32DS.Power.2017.R1

Document created by Petr Stancik Employee on Jun 14, 2019
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Detailed Description:

Example shows configuration of SIUL External interrupts using SDK driver.
EIRQ0 (PA3) and EIRQ11 (PE12) are configured for detecting rising edge.
Those pins are connected to switches SW1 and SW2 on DEVKIT board.
EIRQ1 (PA6) is configured for detecting falling edge.
Within its interrupt routines a LEDs are toggled upon edge detecting.

See PinSetting component for pins configuration within "Routing" and
"Functionals Properties" tabs.

To see falling edge on PA6 just connect pin (J2.1) to GND shortly.

* ------------------------------------------------------------------------------
* Test HW:         DEVKIT-MPC5748G
* MCU:             PPC5748GSMKU6 0N78S
* Target:          Debug_FLASH
* EVB connection:
* Compiler:        S32DS.POWER.2017.R1
* SDK release:     S32_SDK_S32PA_BETA_2.9.0
* Debugger:        S32DS, Lauterbach Trace32
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