Example MPC5604P ADC setting for scan mode on TRK board

Document created by Petr Stancik Employee on Feb 26, 2014Last modified by Diana Torres on Feb 24, 2017
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This simple example shows the ADC setting for the scan mode and usage of Trimmer on TRK-MPC5604P board.

Use Trimmer to dim the LED1.







* Detailed Description:


* ADC testing and usage of Trimmer on TRK board


* ------------------------------------------------------------------------------

* Test HW:  TRK-MPC5604P

* Maskset:  0M36W

* Target :  internal_RAM

* Terminal: no

* Fsys:     64 MHz with 8 MHz XOSC reference

* EVB connection:


* Use Trimmer to dim the LED1


* NOTE! Be sure the ADC is powered, J21 5V jumper ON