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NXP is a founding and platinum member of the Zephyr Project, and has been actively engaged in developing the open-source Real-Time Operating System.

Zephyr Project - Community Support Options

Supporting users working with Zephyr and NXP is an important priority. The Zephyr community already has support resources available, including GitHub, Discord and mailing lists. NXP encourages all Zephyr users to leverage these support resources because:

  • All Zephyr discussions and resolutions are kept together, and not divided in different locations
  • Zephyr users benefit from help of the entire Zephyr community

NXP Support for Zephyr:

NXP’s support team actively monitors the Zephyr GitHub Discussions and Issues for any new support requests posted there. NXP will work to help with those topics that are related to NXP’s platforms. To help the NXP support team, please consider these guidelines:

  • If the support request is a question, or if unsure the symptoms/behavior is an Issue, please create a Discussion. The GitHub Discussions has a category for Q&A.
  • If the support request is clearly an Issue, and repository code needs to be updated to address the Issue, create a new Issue in GitHub.

For these reasons above, this Zephyr software forum in NXP's community will be closed to creating new topics and posts related to Zephyr. Instead, please use the Zephyr Project GitHub Discussions and Issues.


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