Example MPC5744P STM timer S32DS Power 2017.R1

File uploaded by Lukas Zadrapa Employee on May 7, 2019
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* Detailed Description:
* Application performs basic initialization, setup PLL to maximum allowed freq.,
* initializes interrupts. STM_0 channel 0 is initialized to generate 100ms
* periodic interrupt. Notice that STM is free running up counter, so it's
* necessary to add calculated value to compare register each time in ISR handler.
* Test HW:         X-MPC5744PE257DC, MPC57xx motherboard
* MCU:             SPC5744PGMMM9 1N15P
* Fsys:            200 MHz
* Debugger:        Lauterbach Trace32
*                  PeMicro USB-ML-PPCNEXUS
* Target:          internal_FLASH (debug mode, release mode)
* EVB connection:  User LED 1 connected to A0 (P8.0),