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Detailed Description:

 Initializes the MCU including the FlexCAN peripherals.
 Configures the FlexCAN to transmit and receive a CAN message.

 In this config, CAN_0 transmits a message. CAN_1 receives the message.
 CAN_0 MB8 is configured to send data each 1sec.This interval is generated by PIT.
 CAN_1 RXFIFO is configured to receive a message and interrupt for MB5 is enabled.

 To connect FlexCAN0 module (MCU's PB0/PB1 pins) to the motherboard's transceiver
 with J5 CAN DB9 connector you have to:
 - connect J17 2-6 on daughter board
 - connect J17 5-3 on daughter board
 This should be done as default


 To connect FlexCAN1 module (MCU's PA14/PA15 pins) to the motherboard's transceiver
 with J6 CAN DB9 connector you have to:
 - connect J37 2-3 on motherboard
 - connect J38 2-3 on motherboard

 Connect CAN0-CANH on P15-1 to CAN1-CANH on P14-1
 Connect CAN0-CANL on P15-2 to CAN1-CANL on P14-2
 Terminate the CAN bus by connecting a 60 ohm resistor between CANH and CANL

 To see LED toggling connect P8.1 to USER LED (P7.x)
 Test HW:  MPC5744P EVB
 Maskset:  1N65H
 Target :  RAM, internal_FLASH
 Fsys:     200 MHz PLL with 40 MHz crystal reference

Original Attachment has been moved to: Example-MPC5744P-FlexCAN-simpleTX-RXFIFO_ISR-GHS614.zip

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