Example MPC5674F eQADC-Streaming Mode CW210

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The purpose of the example is to present advantage of streaming mode feature.


Example initializes eQADC module, converts specified command queue and displays results into terminal window. Used analog inputs ANB_0 and ANB_1 requires external connection to converted voltage (potentiometer) to see some valid numbers.

Following channels are being converted:

CH0 = signal ANB_0 (connect pot USER_DEV_RV2(J4-7) --> ANB_0 (J19-3))

CH1= signal ANB_1 (connect pot USER_DEV_RV3(J4-8) --> ANB_1 (J19-4))

CH2 = may be left open (example configures the pin to be pulled-up)

CH3 = may be left open (example configures the pin to be pulled-down)

Result are being filled to 2 result queues to see loop switching in the terminal window when advance trigger occurs (results are displayed in two columns, 1st column is related to Rqueue0, 2nd to Rqueue1).

Advance trigger occurs when EVB's USER switch 1 is being pressed (considering USER_DEV_1D(J4-2) --> TPU_A0 (J22-1)).

Repeat trigger is initiated automatically by PIT3 timer in 1 sec intervals.

eQADC command filled by eDMA, results drained by interrupt service routines.


For detailed description SEE ATTACHED document.

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