Example MPC5744P DMA GHS614

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* Detailed Description:

* This example shows how to use eDMA for transfering 32-bit data from internal flash to SRAM memory as well as how to configure AIPS (peripheral bridge) to grant eDMA access to peripherals.


* For closer details on how eDMA works I suggest you to check reference manual as this module is quite complex.

* This example sets system clock for 200MHz running from PLL0 module.

* The constant stored in internal flash is transfered via eDMA to SRAM memory.

* Initialization functions are AIPS_0_Init for peripheral bridge and DMA_0_Init.


* ------------------------------------------------------------------------------

* Test HW:  MPC57xx Motherboard + MPC5744PE257DC minimodule, MPC5744P,

* silicon mask set 1N65H

* Target :  internal_FLASH*