Example MPC5643L Flash_program_simple CW210

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* Detailed Description:

* Example show simple flash programming routine. During runtime it changes

* content of field of constants 'test' (thus located in internal flash).

* Also it shows how to relocate code into RAM a data into FLASH (used linker

* command file is MPC5643L_my_sections.lcf and MPC5643L_DEBUG_my_sections.lcf).


* Note: For complex tasks use SSD driver (Freescale site for particular device,

* Software&Tools/Run-Time Software/Middleware-Device Drivers


* ------------------------------------------------------------------------------

* Test HW:         xPC564xLKIT, PPC5643L Cut3 silicon

* Target :         internal_FLASH, RAM

* Fsys:            120 MHz PLL0

* Debugger:        Lauterbach Trace32

*                  PeMicro USB-ML-PPCNEXUS

* Terminal:        19200-8-no parity-1 stop bit-no flow control via LINFlex0

* EVB connection:  default