Example MPC5646C eMIOS frequency measurement CW210

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* Detailed Description:
* This example shows possible implementation of frequency and duty cycle

* measurement with the help of eMIOS module.
* Two eMIOS channels are used and set to IPWM and IPM modes. The first channel
* measures the positive pulse width and the second channel measures the period.
* EVB connection:
* PJ7.5 to PJ7.6 ... connect external pulse signal to this
* See result on PC terminal (9600, 8N1)
* ------------------------------------------------------------------------------
* Test HW:  XPC56xxMB2 + XPC564xB/C, SPC5646C 0N32E silicon
* Target :  internal_FLASH, RAM
* Fsys:     120 MHz PLL0
* Debugger: Lauterbach Trace32. script for internal_FALSH run_from_flash.cmm
*                               script for RAM: run_from_ram_vle.cmm



BR, Petr

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