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i.MX Wiki

This section for all Freescale i.MX users ranging from customers to designers to help provide the best solution to the most frequently encountered questions related to Freescale i.MX products.


    Below are links to pages containing links to documentation related to that product.

    i.MX Family

    i.MX6 Multimedia Applications Processors

    i.MX53 Multimedia Applications Processors

    i.MX51 Multimedia Applications Processors

    i.MX35 Multimedia Applications Processors

    i.MX31 Multimedia Applications Processors

    i.MX28 Multimedia Applications Processors

    i.MX27 Multimedia Applications Processors

    i.MX25 Multimedia Applications Processors

    i.MX21 Multimedia Applications Processors


    Below are links to pages containing links to documentation related to that topic.


    All Boards 2D/3D Graphics

    All Boards Accessing Registers

    All Boards Audio

    All Boards Bluetooth Dongle

    All Boards Compiling RedBoot

    All Boards Configuring RedBoot

    All Boards Creating App Video

    All Boards Deploy NFS

    All Boards DirectFB

    All Boards FlexCAN

    All Boards Hardware Software

    All Boards How To Convert RVICE CP15 To OpenOCD

    All Boards How To Understand JTAG BSDL

    All Boards I2C-tools

    All Boards Java

    All Boards JTAG

    All Boards LTIB

    All Boards LTIB Config Ubuntu

    All Boards LTIB Creating Uimage Uboot

    All Boards NFS on Fedora

    All Boards NFS on Slackware

    All Boards NFS on Ubuntu

    All Boards OpenEmbedded

    All Boards Pdfreader

    All Boards PMIC Registers

    All Boards Qtopia

    All Boards Qtopia on Ubuntu

    All Boards Qt v2

    All Boards RedBoot

    All Boards Serial Console

    All Boards TCP

    All Boards Tethering

    All Boards TFTP

    All Boards TFTP Fedora

    All Boards TFTP on OpenSuse

    All Boards TFTP on Ubuntu

    All Boards Theora Encoder

    All Boards Transfer Serial RedBoot

    All Boards U-boot

    All Boards Updating RedBoot Through RedBoot

    All Boards Video

    All Boards Video Host

    All Boards VMWare

    All Boards Wi-Fi

    All Boards X11


    Demonstration Platform

    Exercising the i.MX Serial Download Protocol with a Python Script



    How to Enable Second Display Showing Different Things on JB4.2.2 SabreSD

    How to Measure Signal Frequency by Using the Camera Sensor Interface of an i.MX

    i.MX as a USB Playback/Capture Device on One OTG Port

    i.MX Bootlets (i.MX233 EVK)

    i.MX USB Loader

    i.MXS Development Kit


    Linux Kernel

    Mxuart patch

    New Release of the i.MX OTP Tools V1.3.3




    Running ATK on Linux

    Script to Flash a Linux System into a SD card



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