i.MX51 Multimedia Applications Processors

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Freescale's consumer and industrial i.MX 51 applications processors balance the performance, power consumption, connectivity and multimedia capabilities necessary to drive today's latest and greatest products.


Freescale's automotive i.MX 51 processors provide what is necessary to steer today's most advanced automotive systems.



Product Information on Freescale.com



Evaluation/Development Boards and Systems


Installing U-Boot on i.MX51EVK

Flashing i.MX51EVK

Working with mainline U-Boot

Add new iMX5x board on LTIB

Compiling U-Boot (from Freescale BSP) using LTIB

Changing environment variables storage on U-Boot

    • Linux

Flashing Linux application only with SD card Reader

    • Multimedia

Using USB Camera

Installing OpenCV Library (Open Computer Vision - Image Processing)

    • Android

Android without RamDisk

Installing TTS library manually

Running ADB over USB (iMX51 and Ubuntu communication)

    • Ubuntu

Using an USB Touchscreen (Karmic)

Using Touchscreen (Lucid)


Embedded Software and Tools



Partners / 3rd-Party Development Tools



Additional Resources


Board bring-up and DDR initialization tools

Develop a Simple OpenVG Application Under Linux: Tutorial

i.MX 51 Android ADB over USB


i.MX51 EVK Board USB Camera

i.MX51 EVK Compiling U-boot

i.MX 51 EVK U-boot

i.MX51 EVK Board Video

i.MX51 EVK Board OpenCV

i.MX51 EVK Board Flashing

i.MX51 Flashing Linux Application Only with SD Card Reader

I.MX51EVK Install U-Boot

i.MX51 EVK Compiling U-boot

i.MX51 EVK U-boot

i.MX51 EVK Changing Env

IMX51 Ubuntu USB TS

i.MX 51 Ubuntu TS Lucid