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Qt Extended, formerly known as Qtopia until September 30, 2008, is an application platform for Embedded Linux-based mobile computing devices such as personal digital assistants, mobile phones, and web pads. It is being developed by Qt Software, a subsidiary of Nokia. [Source:]


Qt Software discontinues Qt Extended


March 3, 2009 — Oslo, Norway — Qt Software today announced that the product, Qt Extended, will be discontinued as a stand-alone product. Instead, selected features will be migrated into the Qt framework which will result in Qt becoming an even richer, cross-platform application framework.


The final release of Qt Extended will be version 4.4.3, which will is planned for release on March 5, 2009. Qt Extended will be maintained for one year from that date. Qt Software will honor all existing support agreements, and for customers who need continued access to support beyond the term of their current agreement, Qt Software is offering the possibility of purchasing supplemental support. [Source:]


Compiling Qtopia


Crosscompiling Qtopia for i.MX processors requires some packages to be installed on host (PC). For more details click on your host PC Linux distribution below:

All Boards Qtopia

All Boards Qtopia on Ubuntu

It's possible to compile Qtopia (version 2 or 4) by selecting Qtopia on package list or simply selecting Qtopia profile on Ltib configuration.


Starting Qtopia

Touchscreen setup


When the system starts up, TSLIB_TSDEVICE environment variable must be set and ts_calibration application must be called to calibrate the touchscreen.

$export TSLIB_TSDEVICE=/dev/input/event1


/dev/input/event1 is the usual touchscreen device. Some systems can address the touchscreen device to other names.


It's possible to check what's the touchscreen device by typing:

$cat /dev/input/<supposed device>

After the command above, when touchscreen is pressed, some characters will be showed indicating that the <supposed device> device is the touchscreen device and it's working properly.


Calibrate screen will appear.

After touchscreen calibration, Qtopia can be executed by calling the following script:

$/etc/rc.d/init.d/qtopia start

Qtopia will be started.