i.MX31 Multimedia Applications Processors

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The i.MX31 multimedia applications processors are designed for a broad range of industrial, consumer and automotive applications. Based on an ARM1136JF-S™ core, both the i.MX31 and the i.MX31L processors are engineered to deliver powerful performance while minimizing power consumption. The rich feature set of the i.MX31 processors make them an excellent choice for portable media players, portable navigation devices, medical/industrial monitoring systems, automotive infotainment systems and many general embedded applications.



Product Information on Freescale.com



Evaluation/Development Boards and Systems


  • IMX31PDK:  i.MX31 Product Development Kit
    • Getting Started
      • Getting Started with the i.MX31PDK Board
    • Flashing
      • i.MX31 PDK Board

      • I.MX31 PDK Board using RedBoot

    • Miscellaneous Tutorials

      • Blinking iMX31PDK LEDs using U-Boot

      • How to Test i.MX31 RNGA Hardware?

      • How to Test i.MX31 TvOut on i.MX31PDK

      • How to Use Clock Out on i.MX31

      • Issues when interfacing Micron's 78nm mDDRs

  • IMX31ADS
    • Getting Started
      • Getting Started with the i.MX31ADS Board
    • Flashing
      • I.MX31 ADS Board
    • Miscellaneous Tutorials
      • Booting Linux from NAND Flash on the i.MX31ADS
      • Compiling Linux kernel from mainline to i.MX31ADS
      • Issues when interfacing Micron's 78nm mDDRs


Embedded Software and Tools



Partners / 3rd-Party Development Tools



Additional Resources


i.MX31 ADS

i.MX31 PDK

i.MX31 PDK Board Alpha Blending

i.MX31 PDK Board DirectFB

i.MX31 PDK Board V4L tests

i.MX31 PDK Contents

i.MX31 PDK Setting Buttons and Jumpers

i.MX31 Lite Kit