Useful Kinetis Documents, discussions and questions

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Useful Kinetis Documents, discussions and questions

Useful Kinetis Documents, discussions and questions

The following document contains a list of documents , questions and discussions that are relevant in the community based on the amount of views they are receiving each month. If you are having a problem, doubt or getting started in Kinetis processors or MCUXpresso, you should check the following links to see if your doubt have been already solved in the following documents and discussions.


MCUXpresso Supported Devices Table

FAQ: MCUXpresso Software and Tools 

Getting Started with MCUXpresso and FRDM-K64F 

Generating a downloadable MCUXpresso SDK v.2 package 

Quick Start Guide – Using MCUXpresso SDK with PINs&CLOCKs Config Tools 

Moving to MCUXpresso IDE from Kinetis Design Studio

Kinetis Microcontrollers Guides and examples

Using RTC module on FRDM-KL25Z 

Baremetal code examples using FRDM-K64F

Using IAR EWARM to program flash configuration field

Understanding FlexIO 

Kinetis K80 FAQ

How To: Secure e-mail client (SMTP + SSL) with KSDK1.3 + WolfSSL for FRDM-K64F 

Kinetis Bootloader to Update Multiple Devices in a Network - for Cortex-M0+ 

PIT- ADC- DMA Example for FRDM-KL25z, FRDM-K64F, TWR-K60D100 and TWR-K70 

USB tethering host (RNDIS protocol) implementation for Kinetis - How to use your cellphone to provid...

Write / read the internal flash

Tracking down Hard Faults 

How to create chain of pbuf's to be sent? Send data using UDP. 

Kinetis Boot Loader for SREC UART, SD Card and USB-MSD loading 

USB VID/PID numbers for small manufacturers and such like 

Open SDA and FreeMaster


Freedom OpenSDA Firmware Issues Reported on Windows 10

Let´s start with FreeMASTER! 

The Kinetis Design Studio IDE (KDS IDE) is no longer being actively developed and is not recommended for new designs. The MCUXpresso IDE has now replaced the Kinetis Design Studio IDE as the recommended software development toolchain for NXP’s Kinetis, LPC and i.MX RT Cortex-M based devices. However, this documents continue to receive considerable amount of views in 2019 which means it could be useful to some people.

Kinetis Design Studio

New Kinetis Design Studio v3.2.0 available

Using Kinetis Design Studio v3.x with Kinetis SDK v2.0 

GDB Debugging with Kinetis Design Studio 

KDS Debug Configurations (OpenOCD, P&E, Segger)

How to use printf() to print string to Console and UART in KDS2.0 

Kinetis Design Studio - enabling C++ in KSDK projects 

Using MK20DX256xxx7 with KDS and KSDK 

Kinetis SDK

Kinetis SDK FAQ 

Introducing Kinetis SDK v2 

How to: install KSDK 2.0 

Writing my first KSDK1.2 Application in KDS3.0 - Hello World and Toggle LED with GPIO Interrupt 

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