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USB VID/PID numbers for small manufacturers and such like

Question asked by Robert Thompson on Jan 17, 2016
Latest reply on Jan 18, 2016 by Mark Butcher

I work for a small company and have driven the development of a new product, with MK20DX256VLH7, which uses simple Serial over USB to communicate with management software on a PC. For this one product it is far from worth our while to get our own Vendor ID: - Getting a Vendor ID


Recently I was approached by somebody with a device which reports as a generic keyboard HID using a bogus VID (simply unassigned/unknown) where the problem was that on MS and (proper) Linux machines this device was accepted and input from it was immediately recognised but when it was connected to an Apple machine running OS X there was a stuff around for the end user to be able to utilise the input and the only thing I could eventually pin it on was the bogus VID/PID combo. (Small Chinese company was their vendor, no doubt similar boat to the one I just barely float in...)


Basic upshot is that it occurred to me to request the manufacturer of the processor in use for that other device to publish some generic HID product IDs (PIDs) under their Vendor ID for their customers to use without restriction so that small companies, and hobbyists trying to go commercial, can use them without fear of retribution or pedantic behaviour such as Apple appears to be showing there.


Freescale Vendor ID is 15a2 and NXP Vendor ID is 1fc9 (formerly Philips VID=0471) - my request to you guys is to publish generalised product IDs under each of these VIDs; for my purposes "Generic HID" and "Generic Serial/Com" will suffice.


I think that the benefits these, and other PIDs others will probably suggest (given the idea) will give your customers should get your company a lot of kudos from various communities of users of your microprocessors.