Freedom OpenSDA Firmware Issues Reported on Windows 10

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There have been issues reported when using a FRDM-K82F and FRDM-K22F in a Windows 10 environment. Both boards feature an OpenSDA v2.1 bootloader. It is possible that the bootloader on your K20 OpenSDA MCU could be corrupted when the board is plugged into a Windows 10 machine. An updated OpenSDA app and bootloader that fixes this issue is being tested and will be released as soon as possible.


In the meantime, the suggested method to work-around this issue is to replace the default CMSIS-DAP application with a Segger JLink or P&E OpenSDA application before using a Windows 10 computer. You can find the appropriate application for your board and instructions for changing the application at the OpenSDA website found at After changing the OpenSDA app, remember that you will need to also change the debug settings in your project to use the new interface.


If you find that the bootloader has been corrupted, you will need to reprogram the bootloader on those boards. This will require an external debugger, such as Segger JLink or Keil ULink programmer attached to the JTAG port connected to the K20 OpenSDA MCU. For your convenience, the binaries of the OpenSDA v2 & v2.1 bootloader are attached at the bottom of this post.


If using a Segger JLink, download the latest JLink Software and Documentation pack and use the following JLink.exe commands to connect to the K20 OpenSDA MCU:

  • Connect
  • MK20DX128xxx5
  • S
  • 4000


And then use the following commands to reflash the bootloader:

  • erase
  • loadbin k20dx128_bootloader_<name>.bin 0x00000000


**Update - Here is another post on how to recover bricked OpenSDA boards and to prevent it getting re-bricked.


Table - OpenSDA Versions on Freedom Boards

Boards featuring a OpenSDA v2 bootloader

Boards featuring a OpenSDA v2.1 bootloader





To check more information regarding OpenSDA on your boards, please go to

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