KDS Debug Configurations (OpenOCD, P&E, Segger)

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NOTE: the screenshots below are for KDS V1.0.1-beta!


After creating a new debug configuration is simple:

Select either 'GDB OpenOCD Debugging', 'GDB PEMicro Interface Debugging' or 'GDB SEGGER J-Link Debugging' and use the 'new' button:

Verify the project and application settings:


After that, there are a few settings to be checked or set, depending on your connection.



Make sure '-f kinetis.cfg' is specified as 'Other Options':


P&E with OpenSDA or Multilink

Select your Interface, Port and Device Name:


Segger J-Link

Make sure you use the correct device name (link to Segger web page (scroll there down!) lists all supported devices).

OpenSDAv1 and OpenSDAv2 is using SWD.

Disable SWO if not supported by your connection:

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