Useful LPC documents and questions

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Useful LPC documents and questions

Useful LPC documents and questions

The following document contains a list of documents, questions and discussions that are relevant in the community based on the amount of views they are receiving each month. If you are having a problem, doubt or getting started in LPC or MCUXpresso you should check the following links to see if your doubt have been already solved in the following documents and discussions.


MCUXpresso Supported Devices Table 

FAQ: MCUXpresso Software and Tools 

How to create a new LPC project using LPCOpen and MCUXpresso IDE 

Introducing MCUXpresso SDK v.2 for LPC54xxx Series 

Generating a downloadable MCUXpresso SDK v.2 package 

Using the MCUXpresso Pins Tool  

MCUXpresso Config Tools is now available!  

LPC55xx Multicore Applications with MCUXpresso IDE 

LPC information

LPC5460x MCU Family Overview 

USB with NXP Microcontrollers

LWIP memory requirements 

LPC800 Four-Part Webinar Series! 

The LPC804 Programmable Logic Unit (PLU)  

LPC84x Technical Training - Now Available

Guides and Examples

Flashing and Installing the new firmware and drivers for LPC11U35 debug probes 

Enabling debug output 

USB FLASH download, programming, and security tool (DFUSec) 

DMA Ping-Pong application 

Getting start with LPCXpresso54608 & emWin Graphics; 

Capacitive Touch example using the LPC845 Breakout Board 

OLED Display Application Example using LPC845 Breakout Board and SPI 

Mixed-Signal Logic Analyzer & Oscilloscope (Lab Tool) Solution 


How to calculate the value of crystal load capacitors?

Can I send a message with X/Y/Z bits in the ID? 

What is the difference between error active and error passive?

What is the sample point for? 

How can I verify the configured CAN bitrate, using an oscilloscope? 

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