i.MX6 Multimedia Applications Processors

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i.MX6 Multimedia Applications Processors

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i.MX6 Multimedia Applications Processors

Product Family Features

The i.MX6 series unleashes the industry’s first truly scalable multicore platform that includes single-, dual- and quad-core families based on the ARM® Cortex™-A9 architecture. Together with a robust ecosystem, i.MX6 series provides the ideal platform to develop a portfolio of end devices based on a single hardware design.

With high-performance multimedia processing, pin*- and software- compatible product families and integrated power management, i.MX6 series is purpose built for the new era of smart devices. *4 of 5 families are pin-compatible

The i.MX6 applications processor is a Energy-Efficient Solutions products.


  • As drivers adopt personal and home-based smart devices, automotive manufacturers are bringing a similar experience in-vehicle. Able to meet demands of connectivity, real time data delivery, digital instrumentation, audio and multi-stream video, i.MX 6 series enables auto infotainment and instrument cluster designers to re-create today’s consumer technology experience in the car.

Smart Devices

  • The market for intelligent, multimedia centric, touch based devices is increasing exponentially. Not just for tablets or smartphones anymore, tomorrow's battery powered Smart Devices, Aero Infotainment systems, medical systems, enterprise-class intelligent control and data systems all must present data and user interface choices to the end user primarily through rich sound, video, voice, pictures and touch, rather than keyboards and mice. i.MX 6 series enables developers to deliver a more seamless natural user interface (NUI) experience, plus save time and costs by leveraging one design across a portfolio of devices.

i.MX 6 Series Portfolio

View the complete i.MX 6 Series; compare features and performance

  i.MX 6 Series Portfolio

Product Information

  • i.MX6DL: i.MX 6DualLite Family of Applications Processors
  • i.MX6S: i.MX 6Solo Family of Applications Processors
  • i.MX6D: i.MX 6Dual Family of Applications Processors
  • i.MX6Q: i.MX 6Quad Family of Applications Processors
  • i.MX6SL: i.MX 6SoloLite Family of Applications Processors

Design Resources

Partners / 3rd-Party Development Tools

Development platform for i.MX 6Quad - Built to SABRE Lite design from Element 14

Element14's SabreLite Board Officially Supported by Adeneo Embedded's i.MX6 WEC7 BSP

Emtrion's i.MX6 DIMM Modules and Kits

i.Core M6 : i.Mx6 based SOM

Industry-First Pico-ITX SBC based on i.MX6 from iWave Systems

i.MX6 Q7 Development Kit by iWave Systems

New PMIC to Support the i.MX6 Processor Family

NovPek i.MX6Q/D by NovTech

Video- iWave Launches Industry's first i.MX6 Solo/Dual Lite Based Pico-ITX Single Board Computer

i.MX6 Q7 Development Kit by iWave Systems

The Wandboard - ultra lowcost development board with i.MX6 Cortex-A9 processor

SABRE Lite by Boundary Devices

Nitrogen6X by Boundary Devices

Additional Resources

i.MX6 (All)

Tips & Tricks

Android data partition encryption on i.MX6

Android Graphic UI with GPU Hardware Acceleration

Auto Insmod Kernel Modules Through Modprobe with Extra Parameter

A Patch to Fix i.MX6 GPU Startup Issue Due to Memory Connection
Qt Landing page

De-interlace Capture Device

Enabling MMU and Caches on i.MX6 Series Platform SDK


Fast GPU Image Processing in the i.MX 6x

Freescale Yocto Project main page


HW Design Checklist for i.MX6

How to Add Ethernet UI Support in ICS

How to Support New WiFi Card in Android

How to Support Recovery Mode for POR Reboot Based on i.MX6 Android R13.4.1

How to Trace the Low-Level Malloc

i.MX6 Crystal Drive Level (24 MHz) EB830

i.MX6 Android Patch Release

i.MX6 Dual/6 Quad Power Consumption Measurement Scripts

i.MX6 IPU Output Timing Generation Counters and Interrupts

i.MX6 Platform SDK 1.1 Release

i.MX6 VDD_SNVS_CAP Component Recommendation

Linux Fast Boot on i.MX6 Sabresd Board

LMbench Benchmarks on i.MX

New PMIC to Support the i.MX6 Processor Family

Memory Management on i.MX6 Android

Patch to Support BT656 and BT1120 Output For i.MX6 BSP

Prevent PMIC PF0100 Backfeed on i.MX6 Designs

Using a USB Camera with GStreamer

VAR-SOM-MX6, $52 i.MX6 System on Module

i.MX6D/6Q (Dual/Quad)

Tips & Tricks

De-interlace Capture Device

Android Power Management on i.MX6DQ/DL

Android Graphic UI with GPU Hardware Acceleration

Memory Management on i.MX6 Android

iMX6QD How to add 24-bit LVDS support in Android

i.MX6 D/Q L3.035_1.0.2 Patch Release

i.MX6 D/Q L3.0.35_1.0.3 patch release

i.MX6 D/Q L3.035_1.1.3 patch release

i.MX6Q Ubuntu Fluxbox

Multimedia with VPU & IPU HW Acceleration in Android

Let Ubuntu NetworkManager Recognize BCM4330 Wireless Interface

Auto Insmod Kernel Modules Through Modprobe with Extra Parameter

Video Playback Performance Evaluation on i.MX6DQ Board

Linux Fast Boot on i.MX6 Sabresd Board

Linux Fast Boot on i.MX6Q Board: Building Steps

New Ubuntu SD Card Demo Image for the i.MX6Q SABRE AI

SDMA ap_to_ap Fixed Scripts (i.MX6DQ)

Surround View Demo With Linux Fast Boot Review

Surround View (D1) Demo on i.MX6

Test Digital Zoom of Camera Preview

Using i.MX6Q to Build a Palm-Sized Heterogeneous Mini-HPC

i.MX6DL (DualLite) 

Tips & Tricks

Android Power Management on i.MX6DQ/DL

i.MX6 DL/S L3.035_3.0.4 patch release

i.MX6SL (SoloLite) 

Tips & Tricks

Dithering Implementation for Eink Display Panel

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