S32DS for Power - list of HOWTOs

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S32DS for Power - list of HOWTOs

S32DS for Power - list of HOWTOs

Installation & Activation

HOWTO: Install Wind River compiler Eclipse plug-in into S32 Design Studio 

HOWTO: Install Lauterbach TRACE32 debugger plug-in into S32 Design Studio 

HOWTO: Install PLS UDE debugger plug-in into S32 Design Studio

HOWTO: Activate S32 Design Studio 


Getting Started

HOWTO: Create a Blinking LED Project (MPC5748G) 

HOWTO: Build a Project and Setup a Debug Configuration for debugging in S32 Design Studio


Build tools & standard libraries

HOWTO: Run a routine from RAM in S32 Design Studio  

HOWTO: Use printf() function and EWL library 

HOWTO: Migrate project created in S32DS Power v1.x into v1.2+ 

HOWTO: Add a static library file into S32DS GCC project 

HOWTO: Link a binary file(s) into the application project using GNU build tools 

HOWTO: Execute a library function from RAM memory using GNU build tools  NEW!


Debug & Flash Programming

HOWTO: download separate elf/srec/hex file to microcontroller using S32 Design Studio 

HOWTO: Program data flash (DFLASH) in S32 Design Studio for Power 

HOWTO: Program DCF record into UTEST flash in S32 Design Studio for Power 

HOWTO: debug multi-core project in S32 Design studio 

HOWTO: Update OpenSDA Firmware on EVB 

HOWTO: MPC5777C - Low/Mid Flash block erase via PE Micro  

HOWTO: Use RappID BL tool with MPC5744p EVB 

HOWTO: Debug multiple elf files in S32 Design Studio 

HOWTO: Reset MCU in S32 Design Studio debugger (Pemicro/OpenSDA interface) 

HOWTO: Program multiple memory types in single debug session  NEW!



HOWTO: Working with AMMCLib SDKs 

HOWTO: Working with FreeMASTER SDKs 

HOWTO: Add custom SDK into existing project 

HOWTO: Use SDK based example code as standalone (usable for GIT, SVN...) NEW!


General Usage

HOWTO: S32 Design Studio Command Line Interface 

HOWTO: Add user example into S32DS 

HOWTO: Generate S-Record/Intel HEX/Binary file 

HOWTO: Update S32 Design Studio 

How to export Generated Code to S32 Design Studio IDE (applicable for MBDT for MPC5744P v2.0)  

HOWTO: Install update from 3rd party vendor 

S32 Design Studio for Power Architecture v2.1 Migration Guide 

HOWTO: Set project optimization level 



Troubleshooting: Issue opening documents from Getting Started page 

Troubleshooting: PEmicro Debug Connection: Target Communication Speed 

Troubleshooting: Indexer errors on header file 

S32 Design Studio Offline activation issue hot fix 

Troubleshooting: Installer rolls back immediately following activation code entry 

Troubleshooting: Activation fails with error message FNP ERROR 0 

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