HOWTO: Activate S32 Design Studio

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S32 Design Studio is free-of-charge software that just requires to be activated. The activation process is incorporated into the S32DS installer. Before you proceed to the installation you always need to get an activation code. The activation code is typically sent automatically to your email registered on account when you proceed to downloading of S32DS installer. The example of notification email is below:



There are two types of activation you can choose from - online and offline. If your machine is connected to the Internet then in most cases you just select online activation and S32DS gets activated automatically without any additional steps required.


Anyway if the computer that you are installing S32 Design Studio into has no internet access or there are some firewall/antivirus/infrastructure restrictions that voids the online activation you can select offline activation type instead. This document describes the offline activation process step-by-step:


Step 1. S32 Design studio for Arm/Power/Vision installer pops up the "S32DS Activation" dialog  where you first enter your activation ID and select activation type as offline

Step 2. The Offline process will require to save an activation request file -"request.xml". Please save this file into a local folder or an USB drive.

Step 3. Software will then require an activation response. To get this file move to a station with the Internet connection. We will get back here once we have activation response file ready.

Step 4. Look for the Internet connection and take the "request.xml" file with you. Go to  click on MY NXP >  "Software Licensing and Support > Click on View Accounts








Step 5. In product information page look for the "Offline Activation" option on the left menu.

Step 6. Click on "Choose File" and select the "request.xml" file generated in Step 2.  Press "Process" button to get the "activation.xml" file. This file will be downloaded.


Step 7. Save "activation.xml" file and take it to the original offline station, go back to the Activation response dialog described by Step 3.

Step 8.  Load file and installation will be finished. S32 design studio will be activated with your activation ID.

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