S32 Design Studio for Power Architecture v2.1 Migration Guide

Document created by Mike Doidge Employee on Nov 8, 2019
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Migration guide

You can use a project that was created in an earlier version of S32 Design Studio for Power Architecture 2.1, but it requires changes according to the new product directory structure.

The following explains how to import and configure your project.

  1. Click File > Import... > General > Existing Projects into Workspace, then click Next.
  2. Click Browse... and browse to the project location, click OK, select the Copy projects into workspace option, then click Finish.
  3. If the Problems view displays the following warning: "The hardware settings required for project not found", right-click it and select Quick Fix on the context menu.
    1. Select the project from the Resource list and click Finish.
    2. Specify the Family, Device and Core settings. Click OK.
      HW Quick fix
  4. For the EWL source code debugging, open the debug configuration settings, switch to the Source tab, select Path Mapping: EWL and click Edit. Update the e200_ewl2 location:
    • Compilation Path: e200_ewl2
    • Local file system path: <s32ds_for_power_dir>\S32DS\build_tools\e200_ewl2
  5. Depending on the project type, update the following environment variables and file locations.
    • For projects with the SPT tools: open the project settings, click C/C++ Build > Settings > SPT Assembler. Update the SPT include files location: "${SPT_TOOLCHAIN_DIR}/inc" for the SPT1 tools, "${SPT2_TOOLCHAIN_DIR}/inc" for the SPT2 tools, and "${SPT2.5_TOOLCHAIN_DIR}/inc" for SPT2.5 accordingly.
    • For projects with the attached PEx SDK: after you import the project, the path validation notification appears. Click Yes to open the S32 SDK Specific properties page and update SDK path (click Browse and navigate to the <s32ds_for_power_dir>/S32DS/software/<sdk_name> folder). If you import the project example, additionally open the project settings, click C/C++ Build > Build Variables and update the S32_SDK_PATH value: ${eclipse_home}/../S32DS/software/<sdk_name>.
    • For projects with the attached FreeMaster or AMMCLIB SDKs: open the project settings, click C/C++ Build > Settings and update the SDK paths on the following pages:
      • Standard S32DS C/C++ Compiler > Includes
      • Standard S32DS C/C++ Linker > Libraries
      • Standard S32DS Assembler > General
      For the FreeMaster SDK project, additionally navigate to the project folder, open the .project file, and update the linkedResources locations.
  6. If some errors and warnings still occur, try to close and reopen your project, or restart S32DS for Power Architecture.