How to export Generated Code to S32 Design Studio IDE (applicable for MBDT for MPC5744P v2.0)

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In case you need to export the generated code to S32 Design Studio for PA IDE, now there is an easy way. No more painful job of reconstruction the project manually and setting all sort of compiler flags. Here is what you need to do in just a few steps.



Toolbox for MPC5744P rev2.0: Model-Based Design Toolbox For Panther (MPC574xP) Family of Processors 2.0 

HotFix_4 for MPC5744P rev2.0: https://community.nxp.com/thread/451804#comment-925214 

S32DS IDE v1.2 or newer:  S32 Design Studio for Power v1.2.


How to:

#1: make sure the HotFix_4 is installed successfully and the "Generated S32 Design Studio ProjectInfo.xml file" option is visible and selected


#2: build the Simulink model as normal (e.g. Motor Control System example from Motor Control Class: Lecture 12 - Motor Control System since it is the most complex application we built so far on this community) and wait until is completed successfully.


#3: Open S32DS for PA and select Import/S32 Design Studio/ProjectInfo.xml Importer


#4: Press Next and select the ProjectInfo.xml from the location used to generated the C-code for the Simulink model. Also, select the E200 Executable option


#5: Click on Finish button to have the project imported into the S32 Design Studio workspace.


#6: Applicable for S32DS v1.2 (due to a bug in IDE): Open the Project Properties and go to Settings/Target Processor and select "generate code for E200Z4" as Target Processor and re=select the option shown near the Libraries Support. These will force the IDE to update the toolchain properties correctly. These limitations will be addressed in the newer versions of S32DS for PA.  


#7: Build the project


Expected result: The executable file should be produced without any errors. In case of errors - please recheck #6.