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QorIQ Processors document list

QorIQ Processors document list

For QorIQ Processors you could find documents from official website:

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And below document list in this place:


Using QMAN Dedicated and Pool Channels in USDPAA and Linux Kernel

LS2085 NADK Based IPSEC Application Communicating with AIOP

DPAA Ethernet Interfaces Shared-MAC between two Linux Partitions under Hypervisor(Topaz)


T1040 L2Switch Software Support

IPSec demo on T1040RDB


IPSec on Freescale Hypervisor (Topaz) and T1040 (T1042)

Rate limiting in DPAA

QorIQ QMan CEETM Implementation in USDPAA

Read T2080 XFI link status

Shared-MAC and MAC-less Implementation in DPAA Linux Kernel Driver

P2020RDB IPV4 forwarding performance test.pdf

Set up NAT on QorIQ RDB

Set up VLAN on QorIQ RDB


FTF-DES-F1254_QorIQ Device Virtualization.pdf

Virtualization Solutions in Freescale Linux SDK(1)– Hypervisor(topaz)



AMF-DES-T1053 - Open Source Tools Development Tools for ARM® Architectures .pptx

AMF-DES-T1052 - QorIQ DevTools for Layerscape Family Products Applications.pptx


Modify T2080 rev1.1 MEM_PLL_RAT w/ using QCVS4.1.1

Using external GNU toolchain with CodeWarrior for QorIQ LS series – ARMv7 ISA

QorIQ SDK build for T4240QDS - Beginner's guide

Introducing the Scenarios Tool

QorIQ Linux SDK 1.6 Working With Yocto


Building uboot/kernel/test-application out of Yocto

Changing RootFS in SDK 1.3.2

Adding a new Flash Device to Codewarrior 10.x

Building SDK 1.3.2


LS2085 u-boot Workflow

T2080PCIeRDB_SPI_reboot failure.pdf

How to Flash/Reflash U-Boot and Linux to a Freescale Digital Networking Board

System Boot from SD/MMC Card with SDK 1.6 images

Secure boot for Non-PBL Platform

Booting from QSPI on LS102xA

Firmware update for LS1-TWR

Switches on PSC9131RDB

Re-flashing the P3041DS

Deploying SDK 1.3.2



NEXCOM Introduces Appliance Based on Freescale QorIQ T4240 SoC and Aims for Gbps UTM Throughput



A quick demo setup to toggle hue bulb using LS1021A IoT host processor and MKW20 zigbee



I2C NCSW Use Case

FTF-DES-F1253 Lunch and Learn: Expedite Your Product Development with Linux SDK Backport Technolog


L1 D-Cache Flushing

Using CPC as SRAM

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