Booting from QSPI on LS102xA

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LS1021xA series product starts to support QSPI flash booting.

But booting from QSPI flash isn't the same as booting from SPI flash.

QSPI booting use XIP(Execute in place) method just like NOR Flash booting.

The memory map start address assigned to QSPI flash is 0x4000000.

You need to put your code at the right location.


And another key point you should be noted is data endian format between QSPI controller and ARM AMBA AXI bus.2.gif

Any binary file burned into QSPI Flash should be done Byte-Swap process first.

Our Ls1021xA Bsp has provided this function at Tcl script file named “byte_swap.tcl”.

Follow the below command to finish this process .


tclsh ./byte_swap.tcl ./<original file name>.bin ./<Byte-swap file name>.bin 8


Then Boot up system from SD/MMC media.


Burn the image file into QSPI Flash by following commands.

=>tftp 0x81000000 rcw_qspiboot_swap.bin

(Measure this binary file contains PBI command: 0xee0200, 0x40010000

This is  the Workaround for u-boot address )

=> sf probe

=> sf erase 0 0x10000

=> sf write 0x81000000 0 0x100

=> tftp 0x82000000 u-boot-qspiboot_swap.bin

=> sf erase 0x10000 0x90000

=> sf write 0x82000000 0x10000 0x80000

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