Using QMAN Dedicated and Pool Channels in USDPAA and Linux Kernel

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When the frames on a FQ are ready to be processed, the FQ is enqueued onto a work queue(WQ). WQ are organized into channels. A channel is a fixed, hardware-defined association of 8 work queues, also though of “priority work queues”. There are two types of WQ channels defined in QMAN:

Dedicated channels, which are always serviced by a single entity.

Pool channels, which are serviced by pool of like entities, such as a pool of processor cores.


This document describes the basic concept regarding dedicated and pool channels, how to use dedicated and pool channels in flow order Preservation scenarios, work queue channel assignment, dedicated and pool channel used in Linux Kernel and how to modify PPAC and USDPAA QMAN driver to using dedicated channels in USDPAA applications.


1. Basic Concept of QMAN Channels

2. Dedicated Channel Used in Flow Order Preservation Scenario

3. Pool Channel Used in Order Preservation with Hold Active Scheduling

4. Work Queue Channel Assignment

5. Dedicated and Pool Channels Usage in Linux Kernel

6. Using Dedicated Channel in USDPAA

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