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Updating a SEGGER J-Link installation on Windows

Blog Post created by LPCX presso support Employee on Jul 8, 2019

The Windows installer for SEGGER J-Link has changed behaviour for version after V6.44 i.e. after the version installed with V11.0.0 of the IDE. Previously each SEGGER installation was located in a versioned directory e.g. JLink_V644g, now each new installation will by default, write to C:\Program Files (x86)\SEGGER\JLink.


This change will only impact Windows users who manually install a later version of SEGGER J-Link for use within MCUXpresso IDE.


For reference, please also see the MCUXpresso IDE User Guide v11.0.0 section 5.8.1 'SEGGER software installation' which details the handling of SEGGER installations within the IDE.


There are two scenarios where problems may be seen and these are discussed below:


A user installs and wishes to use a newer version of SEGGER J-Link with MCUXpresso IDE


Previously, when a new workspace was created, the newest SEGGER installation would automatically be selected for use. Alternatively, Windows -> Preferences -> MCUXpresso IDE -> J-Link Options -> Restore Defaults could be used to automatically search for the latest installation and update the path to the required server.


Now to use the new install the user must manually browse to the new server location via the preference at:  Windows -> Preferences -> MCUXpresso IDE -> J-Link Option and select:

C:\Program Files (x86)\SEGGER\JLink\JLinkGDBServerCL.exe


This must be done for any existing workspace or when a new workspace is chosen, otherwise the most recent install using the old scheme will be selected for use.


All existing SEGGER J-Link installations have been uninstalled and a new installation has been performed


Previously, the IDE would have recognised that its SEGGER path information was incorrect and automatically searched for a latest install. However, this mechanism will not find an installation using the new default location. Therefore the user must manually browse to select the Server as described above.


Note: this issue will be addressed in the next update to MCUXpresso IDE later this year.