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PyeIQ - A Python Framework for eIQ on i.MX Processors

Blog Post created by Diego Dorta Employee on Jun 30, 2020

A Python Framework for eIQ on i.MX Processors


PyeIQ is written on top of eIQ ML Software Development Environment and provides a set of Python classes allowing the user to run Machine Learning applications in a simplified and efficiently way without spending time on cross-compilations, deployments or reading extensive guides.


Please, visit the PyeIQ documentation page for further information: https://pyeiq.dev/ 




Object Classification (~3ms)Object Detection (~15ms)



Official Releases


PyeIQ VersionRelease Datei.MX BoardBSP ReleaseStatusNotes
tagApr 29, 2020imxBSPBuildPoC
tagJun 30, 2020imxBSPBuildStable


Getting Started


Installation for Users

Quick Installation using PyPI


  1. Use pip3 tool to install the package located at PyPI repository:
# pip3 install eiq


Available Demos



Available Applications


Application NameFrameworki.MX BoardBSP ReleaseInference CoreStatus
Switch Classification ImageFrameworkimxBSPCorebuild
Switch Detection VideoFrameworkimxBSPCorebuild