Useful documents and threads of i.MX Processors

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Useful documents and threads of i.MX Processors

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Useful documents and threads of i.MX Processors

The following document contains a list of document, questions and discussions that are relevant in the community based on amount of views. If you are having a problem, doubt or getting started in i.MX processors, you should check the following links to see if your doubt is in there.

Yocto Project

Freescale Yocto Project main page

Yocto Training - HOME

i.MX Yocto Project: Frequently Asked Questions

Useful bitbake commands

Yocto Project Package Management - smart 

How to add a new layer and a new recipe in Yocto 

Setting up the Eclipse IDE for Yocto Application Development

Guide to the .sdcard format 

Yocto NFS & TFTP boot 

YOCTO project clean 

Yocto with a package manager (ex: apt-get) 

Yocto Setting the Default Ethernet address and disable DHCP on boot. 

i.MX x

Building QT for i.MX6 

i.MX6/7 DDR Stress Test Tool V3.00 

i.MX6DQSDL DDR3 Script Aid 

Installing Ubuntu Rootfs on NXP i.MX6 boards 

iMX6DQ MAX9286 MIPI CSI2 720P camera surround view solution for Linux BSP

i.MX Design&Tool Lists 

Simple GPIO Example - quandry 

i.MX6 GStreamer-imx Plugins - Tutorial & Example Pipelines 

Streaming USB Webcam over Network 

Step-by-step: How to setup TI Wilink (WL18xx) with iMX6 Linux 3.10.53 

Linux / Kernel

Copying Files Between Windows and Linux using PuTTY 

Building Linux Kernel 

Patch to support uboot logo keep from uboot to kernel for NXP Linux and Android BSP (HDMI, LCD and L... 

load kernel from SD card in U-boot 

Changing the Kernel configuration for i.MX6 SABRE 


The Android Booting process 

What is inside the init.rc and what is it used for. 


How to use qtmultimedia(QML) with Gstreamer 1.0

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