Overview of supported NFC/MCU Combinations

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Overview of supported NFC/MCU Combinations

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Overview of supported NFC/MCU Combinations

This page contains information about the supported NXP MCU/MPU and NXP NFC product combinations which have ready to use packages. These can be used as a reference. The table below contains link to where you can find the projects as well.  

 MCU    NFC IC → NTAG I²C  plusNTAG 5PN7150CLRC663 plus family*PN5180
i.MX RT1050i.MX RT1050 + NTAG I²C plusi.MX RT1050 + CLRC663 plus  
Video: Using i.MX RT1050 with CLRC663 plus family and the NFC Reader Library | NXP 
i.MX RT1060i.MX RT1060 + NTAG I²C plus i.MX RT1060 + PN7150
i.MX 8M Minii.MX 8M Mini + PN7150 (Andriod)
i.MX 8M Mini + PN7150 (linux-yocto)
i.MX 7 Dual Sabrei.MX7 Dual Sabre + PN5180
LPC1769LPC1769 + CLRC663 plusLPC1769 + PN5180
LPC55S69LPC55S69 + NTAG I²C plus
LPC55S69 + NTAG 5LPC55S69 + PN7150

LPC55S69 + CLRC663 plus

LPC55S69 + CLRC663 plus + SE050 (smart lock)

LPC11u37hLPC11u37 + PN7150LPC11u37h + CLRC663 plus
LPC11u68LPC11u68 + PN7150
LPC82XLPC82X + PN7150
LPC845LPC845 + CLRC663 plus
Kinetis K82FK82F + CLRC663 plusK82F + PN5180
Kinetis K64FK64F + PN7150 K64F + CLRC663 plus
Kinetis K63K63 + PN7150
Kinetis K24K24 + PN7150
KW41ZKW41Z + NTAG I²C plusKW41Z + NTAG 5KW41Z + PN7150

*CLRC663 plus family: CLRC663 plus, MFRC630 plus, MFRC631 plus, SLRC610 plus

For more information on the NFC products, please visit https://www.nxp.com/nfc

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