List of MagniV and S12(X) Examples and Documents

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S12Z constant, variable, code allocation in CodeWarrior 

BLDC six-step control speed scaling using S12ZVM 

MagniV Power Dissipation Calculator 


S12ZVM configuration for the motor controll applications 

Software for S12ZVM motor control kits 

New EVB platform: DEVKIT-ZVL128 Review. 



How to get device ID and write program once field without programming application to the S12Z device in the CodeWarrior … 

CAN Standard ID and CAN Extended ID for S12(X) and MagniV devices, memories refreshment 

S12Z Protection Override 

S12ZVC IFR Program Once Field 

S12Z - Simulating ECC errors at EEPROM by cumulative write 

S12Z - Simulating ECC errors at RAM by debug access 

S12Z - Simulating ECC errors at Flash by cumulative write 

S12Z SW example of COP Watchdog Reset 

S12Z Interrupt catcher for unexpected interrupts 

S12Z voltage measurement 

S12Z EEPROM example code 

S12Z Flash example code 

Autonomous Clock Trimming SW example for MagniV devices 

BATS Voltage Supply Sense example code for MagniV devices 

High Voltage Input (HVI) SW examples for MagniV devices 

SW examples for MagniV S12ZVC and S12ZVL devices 

PWM example code for S12ZVL 


SW example of Security feature with Backdoor Access Key option for S12ZVL MagniV microcontroller 

Example S12ZVL ADC0 triggered by TIM0 OC updates PWM duty cycle 

S12ZVM clock module and PLL configuration - SW examples 

Low power mode example code for MagniV S12ZVC device 

Single / double bit RAM ECC error example code at S12ZVC 




CAN setup calculator for S12(X) and MagniV devices 

S12(X) MCU Security 

Reference schematics for S12(X) devices 

Useful documents for building own CAN bootloader 

How-to Add missing derivatives to CodeWarrior Classic HCS12(X) 5.2 (Unofficial Method) 



CAN Standard ID and CAN Extended ID for S12(X) and MagniV devices, memories refreshment 

S12XD, S12XE - External BUS design - Addendum To AN2708 

S12X Examples Pack 


S12X_Interrupt_catcher (catch all unexpected interrupts) 

API example code for S12G 

Read paged const in S12 

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