SW examples for MagniV S12ZVC and S12ZVL devices

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SW examples for MagniV S12ZVC and S12ZVL devices

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SW examples for MagniV S12ZVC and S12ZVL devices

The bold blue links below provide direct download of SW example packs for MagniV devices based on S12Z core.


S12ZVC Getting Started Exercises (REV 1.0)

This file contains four hands-on exercise where you can find basic setup code to enable a quick development in different areas.
The file includes CodeWarrior projects demonstrating usage of peripheral modules such as:

- Digital-to-Analog Converter (DAC),

- Controller Area Network (CAN),

- Pulse Width Modulation (PWM),

- Timer (TIM).


Getting started with S12ZVL32 - S12 MagniV Example Codes (REV 0)

The MC9S12ZVC device integrates a battery level (12V) voltage regulator and supply voltage monitoring.

This zipped file includes four CodeWarrior examples demonstrating
- Overcurrent protection on EVDD pin,

- low power STOP mode with API timer and wake-up feature,

- Pulse Width Modulation (PWM)

- Serial Peripheral Interface (SPI) communication.


Many of these examples can be used on various MCU families across the MagniV product line. Check the appropriate device guide for list of modules and its versions.

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The link for both of them does not seem to exisit.

Can saomeone please help me with them.


Hi Pratibha,

The links should be fixed now.

Best regards,


Hi, Thank you for the above examples, Do you have any examples for BLDC motor control S12ZVMC EVB

Thank you for the above examples.

Could you upload I2C SW sample file?




All application notes with SW available for the S12(X) and MagniV devices can be found on this link:

List of MagniV S12(X) Application notes 

You can look at the AN5264





I hope it helps.

Best regards,


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