S12X_Interrupt_catcher (catch all unexpected interrupts)

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Interrupt catcher you can use for debugging or directly in your software.

Few notes:

1. You should replace lines for expected interrupt by your interrupts routines as in example of SCI0 interrupt routine.

2. All interrupt vectors are only 16bit addresses, therefore all your interrupt routines must be placed in non banked memory (for example by #pragma commands)

3. Interrupt number 0 presents POR reset vector, 1 is CM reset, 2 is COP reset, … , 119 is Spurious Interrupt. Interrupt number = (0xFE-Vector Address)/2. See Table Interrupt Vector Locations at RM. For Example: Interrupt number of SCI0 = (0xFE-D6)/2 = 0x14 = 20.

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