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Example code pack for S12X contains simple code examples that show how to initialize and how to use MCU module/feature.


List of examples:

S12XE_PLL - include S12XE_iPLL_Calculator

XDP512 - ECT measuring of period - CW45

XDP512-CAN – pack of several example codes include CAN baud rate calculator

XDT256 - ECT Pulse Width - CW47

XEP100 - ATD + GPIO - CW47

XEP100 - ATD and PIT - CW47

XEP100 - ATD Continuous conversion with interrupt - CW4

XEP100 - ATD multichannel - CW46

XEP100 - ATD Single conversion - CW46

XEP100 - CAN0 - CAN1 - CW45

XEP100 - ECT 500us interval - CW47

XEP100 - ECT 500us period - CW47

XEP100 - ECT as PWM - CW47

XEP100 - PWM 8bit - CW45

XEP100 - SCI default - CW47




XS128 - PIT - CW47

XS128 - PIT 10ms+15ms and priority - CW47

XS128 - PWM 16bit - CW47



Note: More examples for S12XE could be downloaded here:

LAMA's S12XE unofficial examples

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