Software for S12ZVM motor control kits

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Software for S12ZVM motor control kits

Software for S12ZVM motor control kits

Officially we offer two S12ZVM motor control kits:

MTRCKTSBNZVM128: 3-phase Sensorless BLDC Development Kit with S12 MagniV S12ZVM

MTRCKTSPNZVM128: 3-phase Sensorless PMSM Development Kit with S12 MagniV® MC9S12ZVML128 MCU



In fact, the kit contents are the same - S12ZVML12EVBLIN board and LINIX 45ZVN24-90 motor.

The LINIX motor is BLDC type, but their characteristics are rather close to the PMSM type.

So, the difference is just in used software and jumper settings.


Since the current web pages are slightly confused, I would like to place here links for the main 4 types of software for MTRCKTSBNZVM128 and MTRCKTSPNZVM128 kits.


3-Phase Sensorless BLDC S12ZVM Application – six step driving 


3-Phase Hall Sensor BLDC S12ZVM Application – six step driving


3-phase Sensorless Dual-Shunt PMSM S12ZVM Application – FOC driving 


3-phase Sensorless Single-Shunt PMSM S12ZVM Application – FOC driving

Note: please be aware that there is still typo error in this document (already reported) – the jumpers J57 and J60 should be in position 2-3.



Additionally, we may use a cost-effective S12ZVM Mini Board or Mini Kit evaluation platform. The software refers to the above mentioned, but with small modification for S12ZVML-MINBRD board. 


I hope it helps you.

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