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Is there any way to remove the interrupt handling in the IAP eeprom for LCP11XX

Question asked by Volkan Coskun on Feb 19, 2020
Latest reply on Feb 27, 2020 by jeremyzhou



I have been reading and scrutinizing the IAP eeprom library and found out that the interrupts has to be disabled and enabled during a read and write operation.


However, for my application, I have to enable the interrupts in order to receive other high priority interrupts, so I want to do it concurrently in the background.

Today, I can write to EEPROM but I am losing messages since I am removing the interrupts.


Here is a sample code of how I do it now:





// enable interrupts


Back to the problem, is it possible to create a background interrupt handler using IAP_EEPROM and remove the disable/enable interrupt functionality?


I know that there are background callbacks that can be used to handle background operation with interrupt priorities in for example data flash reads and writes.


If not, is there any other alternative for eeprom library that can be used in order to run in the background.


I would be very glad if you could provide me with some help.