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LPC1347 EEPROM Source

Question asked by Bernd Sirozynski on Jul 11, 2016
Latest reply on Jul 15, 2016 by Bernd Sirozynski


In a new project i use the LPC1347

this chip has an "internal eeprom" and i can use only the "internal ROM" function to access this memory.

because i dont want to disable the interrupts while reading or writing the EEPROM

i found the external LIB, which can linked to project. LIBEEPROM.a

For a risk analyse i have a problem with the internal and also for the external lib

because i have no source, it belongs the category "SOUP" (Software Of Unknown Provenance)

My Software at time dont use any SOUP, because it is an medical product.

Is there any way to get the Source Code for the LIB ?

Or can i get a description to the EEPROM registers of the Chip, to write my own code ?

I think it is not a secret code to write to EEPROMs, i do that every day

with external eeproms in an other projects.


very thanks for information.