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LS1028ARDB Deploying BSP images to storage device / User Guide question

Question asked by Jeremy Impson on Oct 8, 2019
Latest reply on Oct 8, 2019 by Pavel Chubakov

I'm working through the Layerscape LS1028A BSP User Guide, Rev. 0.3, 04/2019, section starting on page 20. Steps 1 through 4 are being conducted on the Layerscape board using the TinyDistro image that came from the factory.


Step 5 says Use flex-installer to create and format the partitions for storage device (USB/SATA/SD). Step 6 says Download and deploy two tarballs (boot partition and Ubuntu userland) to USB/SATA/SD storage device. These tarballs were assembled during the “Download and Assemble BSP Images” step. and then refers to a table with flex-installer and related commands.


Are steps 5 and 6 also to being conducted on the board? Because the factory-provided Linux image on my Layerscape LS1028A reference board does not seem to contain flex-installer. After logging in as root, when I type flex-installer -h the response is -sh: flex-installer: command not found. When I use the find command to look for it: find / -name flex-installer or find / | grep flex-installer , there is no output. 


Or did my unit come with the wrong image from the factor? When I cat /etc/issue the result is QorIQ SDK (FSL Reference Distro) 2.0 \n\l . Is this different than the TinyDistro referenced in the User Guide?