LS1028ARDB Deploying BSP images to storage device / User Guide question

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LS1028ARDB Deploying BSP images to storage device / User Guide question

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I'm working through the Layerscape LS1028A BSP User Guide, Rev. 0.3, 04/2019, section starting on page 20. Steps 1 through 4 are being conducted on the Layerscape board using the TinyDistro image that came from the factory.

Step 5 says Use flex-installer to create and format the partitions for storage device (USB/SATA/SD). Step 6 says Download and deploy two tarballs (boot partition and Ubuntu userland) to USB/SATA/SD storage device. These tarballs were assembled during the “Download and Assemble BSP Images” step. and then refers to a table with flex-installer and related commands.

Are steps 5 and 6 also to being conducted on the board? Because the factory-provided Linux image on my Layerscape LS1028A reference board does not seem to contain flex-installer. After logging in as root, when I type flex-installer -h the response is -sh: flex-installer: command not found. When I use the find command to look for it: find / -name flex-installer or find / | grep flex-installer , there is no output. 

Or did my unit come with the wrong image from the factor? When I cat /etc/issue the result is QorIQ SDK (FSL Reference Distro) 2.0 \n\l . Is this different than the TinyDistro referenced in the User Guide? 

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NXP TechSupport
NXP TechSupport

Build image for your board using the following command:

flex-builder -i mkfw -m ls1028ardb -b sd


Find .img file using the following path:



Connect SD card using SD card reader to your PC host.

Write this image to SD on your PC host using the following command

sudo dd if= firmware_ls1028ardb_uboot_sdboot.img of=/dev/sdb bs=512 seek=8

Have a great day,
Pavel Chubakov


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